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Being a pilot is a great achievement and if it’s your dream to become a pilot, then you must know how to get to your goal. You need proper training to become a pilot and for that, you need to get into a good flight institution. These institutions now use flight simulations as one of the main methods of training.

This magazine is about flight simulation. Here the readers can learn about flight simulators, the modern flight simulators, and how they are used in flight institutions to train pilots.

We are looking for writers to join our team so that we can provide better information to the user. We are looking for experienced pilots with the experience of using flight simulators to write for our magazine. We need first-hand information and experience to provide readers with the best content.

We want our readers to get an insight into flight simulation. If you have been a pilot and have used a modern flight simulation, then you can provide our readers with a lot of information about flight simulators.

To write for us, you need to follow certain guidelines. The articles must not be duplicated; that is, you cannot write on a topic that has already been covered by our other writers and has been published in the magazine. We want your topic to be trendy and useful.

You shouldn’t write a long article because our readers won’t finish reading it. The article must have useful and interesting information to attract the readers. Your article must be plagiarism free, and you should make sure that there are no grammatical errors before submitting the article to us.

Many of our readers are very new to the concept of flight simulation. So, avoid using technical jargon throughout the article. Use a conversational tone in writing so that readers of all backgrounds understand what you are trying to say.

You must send us your CV and a sample write-up to apply for the post. Please mention any writing-related experience you have. For more information about the position, please contact us. We hope to hear from you soon.