Benefits of Flight Simulation During Pilot Training

It can be frightening if you are asked to sit in the cockpit on the first day of your pilot training. Now you won’t have to go through such an experience.

Most pilot training programs use flight simulators so that they can train the aspiring pilots well before they actually get into an airplane and try their skills practically. Here are some benefits of using flight simulators.

More affordable

The training programs become less expensive when flight simulators are used instead of flying real aircraft to teach the pilots how to fly. When real aircraft is used for training, a lot of fuel is required and this increases the cost of training.

There is also cost involved in maintaining the aircraft, getting insurance, and the fees of the flight instructions. A major chunk of the overhead costs can be reduced by using flight simulators. Getting trained using flight simulators also reduces the number of airborne lessons you have to take.


Though you will be trained under a certified and expert flight instructor, it is still safe to be on the ground. When you use flight simulation, you can learn about aircraft controls and flight methods while being on the ground.

You can learn about emergency procedures and unique flying conditions. You can practice flying a plane in difficult situations repetitively without causing an accident.

Learn navigational procedures

Modern flight simulators can recreate any situation. So, you can improve your navigational abilities using flight simulations.

If you have a big flight in the coming days, for example, you can practice your flying skills in the flight simulator under the same circumstances. So, you will be more confident when flying the actual plane as you will know exactly what to do.

Practice more

With flight simulators, you can practice as much as you want to. When training with real aircrafts, this is not possible as there are limitations. All you need to do is reset the route and start practicing again. When you do a flight routine repeatedly, it helps to build up your knowledge and muscle memory.

With so many benefits, flight simulators make pilot training better and perfect. The trained pilots become more knowledgeable about flying planes and they feel more confident.